Deputy Secretary of Defense and Under Secretary of the Navy make announcement during meeting with Calvo & Bordallo
February 27, 2012


(Washington, D.C.) — Section 30 reimbursements for Marines, whether part of a rotational unit (Unit Deployment Program or UDP) or permanently stationed on-island, will be paid to the Treasury of Guam. Today, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo met with Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Ashton Carter, and Under Secretary of the Navy Robert Work who made the announcement regarding Section 30 in a meeting at the Pentagon. The Department of Treasury and the Department of Defense will codify this agreement in a forthcoming Memorandum of Understanding.

“This is the best possible news we could have received–no matter what the mix of Marines that come to Guam, our Treasury will receive Section 30 reimbursements for all of them. This is a testament to the close relationship Guam has at the highest levels of the Pentagon. It is also a testament to how committed the Pentagon is to advancing Guam’s interests in the buildup,” Governor Calvo said. “Under Secretary of the Navy Robert Work is again showing he is a man of his word. I want to thank him and Congresswoman Bordallo for their efforts to make this a positive buildup for Guam and for the nation.”

Earlier this month both Governor Calvo and Congresswoman Bordallo spoke with Under Secretary Work separately about this very issue. Both expressed their concerns about the potential lack of Section 30 funds for rotational troops. The Guam leaders agreed to present this unified position to the Navy: Section 30 money for all Marines is a key component of a “One Guam” military buildup. Today, the Navy agreed. Upon arriving in Washington, D.C. Governor Calvo reiterated these concerns to the media, Navy, and DoD.

“The Administration’s agreement to cover over Section 30 funds for Marines relocated to Guam as part of the build-up is a positive development for our community and our local economy,” said Congresswoman Bordallo. “These negotiations address concerns I and Governor Calvo have raised with the Administration, and I will continue to push the DoD to ensure that this policy includes all Marines brought to Guam. As I have stated before, I have strategic questions about the Department’s reliance on a predominantly rotational presence of Marines, and I will continue to work with Governor Calvo and the Obama Administration as plans for the realignment become more concrete.”

Deputy Secretary Carter told the Governor and the Congresswoman that the Treasury Department specifically has approved applying Section 30 rules to rotational Marine units on Guam. He also gave credit to Under Secretary Work for pushing this issue as a top priority for the “One Guam” build-up.



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