JIC News Release No. 2

July 11, 2014, 11 a.m.
There is more certainty that the storm is continuing its path toward us. Governor Eddie Baza Calvo is declaring Guam in Condition of Readiness 2 as of 11 a.m. today. Admiral Tilghman Payne also has declared COR 2 for Joint Region Marianas, Naval Base Guam, and Andersen Air Force Base. The Emergency Operations Center now is stood up along with the Joint Information Center.
COR 2 means within 24 hours we should expect winds and rains that can hurt people and damage property within 24 hours. National Weather Service officials expect that winds will pick up as early as tonight.
Please be aware that storms slow down and speed up all the time. It is critical for all residents to stay tuned to the radio for updates on the storm from the Joint Information Center. When communities are in a state of heightened readiness, a lot of times information that turns out being false can confuse or scare people, or cause dangerous situations. Residents should rely on information from the JIC only. News media have agreed to post and relay information from the JIC. We attached a full list.
Now that we’re in COR 2, you should do the following while there’s daylight and before winds pick up:
– Go to the pharmacy to refill prescription medication
– If you rely on electricity to power machines you need to stay alive, please make arrangements now with a relative or a neighbor who has a working generator. Stay with that person
– Pick up any objects in your yard that can move with a heavy gust of wind. Store these objects so they don’t fly away
– Put up your window shutters now
– Fill up your tonkey/55-gallon drum or plastic containers with a just-in-case water supply
– Gas your cars
The procedures are for the government of Guam to close down non-essential services when COR 2 is declared. As such, all non-essential offices of the government now are closed. Agency heads must ensure their agencies are secured and employees go home to make preparations.
There is no guarantee that this storm, whether weak or strong, will hit us. The best we can do, and the prudent course of action, is prepare as though a dangerous storm is coming. Supertyphoon Pongsona was supposed to be a banana storm, and intensified overnight into our biggest typhoon since Karen.
The EOC currently is coordinating the opening of shelters. Residents who live in homes they cannot rely on to keep them safe against heavy winds and rains should start making preparations to move to a shelter. We will provide more information about shelters in a succeeding release.
Please call Joint Information Coordinator Troy Torres at 478-0208 for more information.

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