4.22.13 List of Unclaimed Refund Recipients to Publish in PROA Newsletter
“People should have an opportunity to claim their money, especially if they don’t even know they have a refund, or that they have a claim to one from a family member who passed away. We need to close this chapter.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Calvo Orders Publication of Names of Unclaimed Refund Recipients                
Governor Calvo has ordered the publication of UNCLAIMED tax refund checks. He made this decision after being advised by the Department of Administration (DOA) that there are over 6,000 unclaimed checks. IRS regulations do not require the publication of this list, however, Governor Calvo is determined to return the money to their rightful owners. There can be many reasons why a tax refund has not been claimed, including: wrong addresses, estates in probate, etc. Some of these checks go back to 2009.
The list of taxpayer names, addresses and the dates to claim checks will be published on Friday April 26, 2013 in the Government of Guam PROA Newsletter, along with the links to the websites where you can also view the list.  Residents can pick up a copy of the newsletter at any 76 gas station, both Cost-U-Less locations, Island Fresh, any Payless Supermarket, Hava Java Coffee Shop, and Java Junction.
Dates When You Can Claim Your Check                                                                      
Unlike the normal process for mailing out and picking up tax refund checks, the process for claiming unclaimed checks requires additional documentation and information.  The public is advised to anticipate a longer wait in line as documents presented by each claimant are reviewed and approved prior to the release of the previously unclaimed checks.
In order to ensure the safety of the public and to avoid long waits in line, DOA is scheduling check distribution/processing dates for Individual Tax Refunds first.  Checks are grouped by last name, and pick-up dates are as follows:
April 29 to May 3          Last names beginning with A through F 
May 6 to 10                   Last names beginning with G through O
May 13 to 17                Last names beginning with P through Z
What You Will Need to Claim Your Check                                                                    
Below are the minimum requirements to claim your check:

  • If the check is written to you and has been outstanding for LESS than a year and your name is on the list we publish: you may pick up the returned check on the date scheduled according to your last name by presenting a valid picture identification card at the check distribution window of the Treasurer of Guam, DOA, Hagatña.
  • If you filed your taxes jointly, you will be asked for the legal name and social security number of the other tax filer.
  • If the checks have been outstanding for MORE than a year, you are required to call or email DOA for an appointment. This process takes a bit more time and will require scheduling out time slots. Because tax refund checks are valid for only one year after issue, the taxpayer will need to fill out an affidavit at the DOA, Division of Accounts (or on-line at: http://www.da.doa.guam.gov/Portals/60/Accounting%20Forms/Affidavit%20Stop%20Payment.pdf ) to have the check reissued.  All reissued checks will have to be processed at a later date (about seven working days after affidavit has been received).
  • If the check is only in your name, the form can be filled out and signed at the DOA’s Division of Accounts.  Please bring in valid picture identification.
  • If the check is a joint refund and both taxpayers are present, the form can be filled out and signed at the DOA’s Division of Accounts.  Please bring in valid picture identifications.
  • If the check is a joint refund and only one taxpayer is present, the form must be notarized by both taxpayers prior to submitting the affidavit to the Division of Accounts.
    • If a taxpayer is deceased, the beneficiary will have to provide a certified copy of the death certificate and applicable court documents (probate proceedings) to the Department of Revenue & Taxation along with completed Form 1310. DRT will stamp the date it received the copy of Form 1310.  This stamped copy will have to be presented to DOA Division of Accounts, Room 254 to complete the claim process.
    • If your name is different from the name on the tax form you filed, DOA Division of Accounts will require additional proof of identification such as:

–        Marriage certificate (if name change is as a result of marriage)
–        Final divorce decree (if name change is as a result of divorce)
–        Court document for name change other than marriage and divorce
–        Naturalization documents if name change is as a result of Naturalization
Have Questions?                                                                                                                  
You may call for an appointment at 477-1007, 477-0080, & 475-1266 or may email inquiries to unclaimed.checks@doa.guam.gov.

End of Release

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