04.09.13 GVB All Time Record

“This is a monumental time for tourism. We are breaking records in our number one economic industry and we are going to continue the momentum. Thank you to all the men and women working in our restaurants, tour companies, and hotels who are excelling and showing our visitors the true Guamanian spirit.”

 – Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

The Guam Visitors Bureau’s Research Department confirmed that preliminary arrivals to Guam for the month of March broke all records in the last 50 years of tourism. Arrivals totaled 136,278 breaking August 1995’s previous record of 135,710. A list of the top 15 months in tourism history is attached.
FISCAL YEAR TO DATE (October 2012 — March 2013)                                          
Total Fiscal Year to Date Arrivals (October 2012 to March 2013) are up by 9.0%. Japan Arrivals are up 5.6% and Korea by 44.6%. Arrivals from the People’s Republic of China are up 7.7%, and the Russian Federation by 317.7%.
CALENDAR YEAR TO DATE (January 2013 — March 2013)                                  
Total Calendar Year to Date Arrivals are up by 5.7%. Japan Arrivals are up 1.9% and Korea up by 42.4%. Arrivals from the People’s Republic of China are down 15.6% and the Russian Federation up by 265.4%.
GVB to Continue Promoting Chamorro Culture                                                     
“This is testament to the work we are doing to attain maximum benefits of the industry for our people. Our tourism story is only getting better and we will continue to expand our efforts to promote what makes our island unique, our Chamorro Culture.”
–       GVB General Manager Karl Pangelinan
15 Top Banner Months Guam Visitors PRELIMINARY March 2013 Arrival Summary

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