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“Guam is being tapped to play a key role in the re-balancing of military forces in this region. We take this duty very seriously and we welcome the Marines to their new home. We are honored to do our part for the country and the security of our allies. This gives us a chip in the game — an opportunity to work collaboratively while building a mutual respect for each other’s needs.  Ensuring a smooth integration moving forward is a priority. I’m looking forward to establishing a supportive relationship with our military partners.” —Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Marine Special Operations Unit First in Series of Incoming Rotational Forces   
A Marine Corps unit from the Marine Corps Special Operations Command will be arriving on Guam. This is the first of a series of forces who will rotate on Guam.  The MARSOC unit will be integrating with existing special operations trainings and missions occurring in the region. They will be co-located with the Naval Special Warfare Unit already stationed on Guam.  These Marine forces are part of a rotational cycle of similar units that also will make their way to Guam during the re-balancing (“military buildup”) of forces throughout the region.
Captain Barry Morris, MARSOC Public Affairs Officer, said the purpose for the units’ deployment here is that “this deployment is the start of MARSOC’s efforts to provide persistent forward deployed fully enabled MSOCs to select Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOC) in order to conduct routine, partner-nation training and other operations throughout the Southeast Asia-Pacific region.”
Local, military officials committed to partnership, open communication          
Governor Eddie Calvo is optimistic and open to exploring mutually-beneficial strategies to ensure a smooth integration process for both the local community and military personnel.  “The potential for a successful integration relies on both parties and the willingness to work together.  I’m certain the influx of military forces on Guam can be an opportunity for growth in critical areas — if we build relationships on an open, supportive and collaborative level.”
Colonel Philip Zimmerman, Officer-in-Charge, Marine Corps Activity Guam (MCAG) said of the arrival of the Marine Special Operations Company’s (MSOC), “they will be a great addition to the Marine Corps family here in Guam.”
Zimmerman also said, “Their deployment here will provide MARSOC unique opportunities to train in the region while strengthening the Marine Corps’ relationship with people of Guam and the commonwealth of Northern Marianas.”
“The defense of our island and country is the responsibility of all our leaders; as Guam remains a strategic priority with relocation of the Marines to Guam and the reinforcement of forward deployed assets,” said Senator Frank B. Aguon Jr., chairman of the Committee on Guam US Military Relocation.
“This is great news for Guam.  The mayors and vice mayors have been anticipating this news for quite some time.  In fact the MCoG has been looking forward for the day when the villages can welcome the Marines to join their villages through sister command relationships.  The Liberation of Guam from enemy forces 70 years ago happened with the help of young Marines that landed on our shores.  While not many of those that helped liberate Guam are with us today, it is with pride that we now anticipate another group of Marines to land on our shores and continue the freedom we all have,” said Mayor’s Council of Guam Executive Director Angel Sablan.
Questions regarding the MARSOC unit should be directed to Capt Barry J. Morris, MARSOC Public Affairs Officer, e-mail barry.morris@socom.mil, phone(910) 440-0770.   All other Marine Corps training or operations in Guam or the CNMI may be directed to Maj Neal Fisher, Marine Corps Activity Guam, Public Affairs Officer, e-mail neal.fisher@fe.navy.mil, phone 671-355-2340.
For comments or questions regarding Senator Frank B. Aguon’s statement, you may contact the Office of Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr. at 475-GUM1/2(4861/2), or e-mail to aguon4guam@gmail.com.


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