December 21, 2012
Government of Guam line agency directors are now making their way back to their offices with a total of about 1,000 checks to distribute. They just received about $4.5 million worth of meritorious bonus checks for their employees who, since 1991, have received outstanding marks in their performance evaluations.
This liability has been accruing since 1991 when a law went into effect ordering government to pay a bonus to employees who received these marks on their performance evaluations. It was meant to be an incentive for employees to strive for excellence in service. And it was has never been paid until today.
“This merit bonus was an empty promise and an accruing liability adding to our debt until now,” Governor Calvo said after congratulating his fiscal team for managing the government’s cash flow so GovGuam could pay more of its debts down. “We make good on our promises. We make sacrifices so we can meet our obligations to the people, just like the tax refunds.”
Please call Phillip Leon Guerrero at 929-7467 for more information.

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