130924 TAX REFUND RELEASE(1)“I’m so happy we kept our promise to pay tax refunds as soon as we can.  Some people said we couldn’t do it — some people even accused me of lying.  The fact is clear: we are paying tax refunds well ahead of the court ordered six-month deadline. Today is the start of a new era on Guam: one with a clear commitment to our people and their money.  As long as I am governor, we will hold ourselves to this standard.”— Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Governor orders release of remaining $8 million for A-Status, on-time tax returns
Governor Calvo has just ordered the release of $8 million in tax refunds.  Everyone who filed byApril 15 without any errors will get their refund in this round of checks.  According to the Governor’s fiscal team, checks will be cut by Friday.  The refunds should be mailed on Monday.  DRT estimates 4,600 people will receive a check.
There are more refunds to pay, however.  Every day Guamanians file tax returns for prior years or address issues which were classified as E or S status.  The government will also pay these refunds within the six-month deadline.
$138M in refunds in one fiscal year alone                                                                   
The administration will have paid out $138M in refunds after this payment during FY2013. No administration has ever paid this much in refund in a single FY without bond proceeds. The reason for the large amount is that millions have been paid for tax refunds for previous tax years. These are refunds filed only this year. The administration suspects the reason so many people are filing previous year’s refunds is because they believe the administration will actually pay refunds on time.

End of Release

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