“This train is moving, full-speed ahead, in the right direction. I’m happy that more people are finding work and believing that jobs are available. But I won’t be content until everyone looking for opportunity finds a good career in a well-paying job. We’re going to keep working toward that goal.”
–       Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Unemployment Drops… in Almost Every Category
Fewer Guamanians believe no job is available
More Guamanians are doing better with the job situation; and work has to continue along this trend to improve the lives of even more:
1.     The unemployment rate dropped measurably since the last public report of 13.3% in March 2013. It is now 10%, as of the September 2013 report. That’s lower than the 10.9% unemployment rate of the comparable previous September 2012.
2.     The number of job-seekers turned away from employment in September is lower than any other period during the Calvo Administration.
3.     Of the Guamanians who were unemployed in September 2013 (meaning they looked for work and didn’t find any):
a.     Unemployment for adult women is at its lowest level since 2007
b.     Unemployment for adult men is at its lowest level since 2009
c.     Unemployment for teenagers is down from the March 2013 report, but up from the previous September
d.     Unemployment for previous-full-time workers is at its lowest level since 2009
e.     Unemployment for previous-part-time workers is at its lowest level since 2006
f.      Unemployment for U.S. Citizens is down to its lowest level since December 2012
g.     Unemployment for Immigrant Aliens is at its lowest level since 2006
4.     Since June 2013, the number of Guamanians who said that they did not look for work despite wanting a job is at its lowest level since 2009.
5.     Of the Guamanians who wanted a job, but didn’t look for work:
a.     The number who believe there are no jobs available is lower than at any time since 2009
b.     The number who said it’s because they couldn’t find work is lowest in a year
c.     The number who had other reasons is just a fraction of the numbers from any period since 2006
The Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics released the two latest unemployment reports simultaneously today. These reports cover June 2013 and September 2013. The last report that was released was for March 2013, when unemployment was at 13.3%. The June reports traditionally reflect higher unemployment than other quarters because of seasonal factors.
The report is attached.

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