Governor believes the time is now for our self determination
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo is calling on leaders to make their appointments to the Commission on Decolonization. He has appointed one of the two at-large members according to law. He is preparing to convene the commission shortly.
“It’s a shame this commission has not been active in so long,” Governor Calvo said. “The last big push we had was for the Draft Commonwealth Act. The time is ripe for us to choose our political status. Together, we will move this process forward and bring the right of self determination to our people once and for all.”
By law, Governor Calvo will serve as the commission chairman. Senator Rory Respicio, in his capacity as the senator with oversight of federal affairs, will be the vice chairman. The Governor is allowed to appoint two at-large members. The remaining membership of the 11-member commission is chosen as follows:
– Speaker Judi Won Pat may appoint a member; she may appoint herself.
– The legislative minority may appoint one of its members.
– Mayors Council President Mayor Melissa Savares may appoint one member of the Mayors Council; she may appoint herself.
– Task Force for Statehood Chairman former Senator Eddie Duenas may appoint one member of his task force; he may appoint himself.
– Task Force for Free Association Chairman Jose Garrido may appoint one member of his task force; he may appoint himself.
– Task Force for Independence Chairwoman Trini Torres may appoint one member of her task force; she may appoint herself.
– Youth Congress Speaker Andrew Orsini may appoint one member of the Youth Congress; he may appoint himself.
Appointment of Dr. Lisa Natividad
Governor Calvo has made the first appointment: Dr. Lisa Natividad. The commission now has three members: the Governor, Senator Respicio and Dr. Natividad. The Governor today sent letters to the statutory appointers requesting their immediate appointments to the commission.
“Five hundred years ago, we were a people who led our own destiny,” Governor Calvo said. “I want it to be said to our children and grandchildren in history books that this generation took control of our destiny again. Let’s not waste a single moment. Let’s end five centuries of colonialism and decide for ourselves the direction we want to take.”
The Governor has included a $240,000 appropriation to the Commission on Decolonization for next fiscal year. He will be requesting federal officials to release promised federal funding for a political status education campaign during his visit to Washington, D.C. next week. The Governor is leaving today to first participate in education conferences in North Carolina at the expense of the Hunt Institute.

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