Calvo Protects Children With New Laws
Governor Acts on Remaining Bills
Immediate Release: March 9, 2011
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo took a strong stance to protect innocent children from heinous crimes against them.  At a bill signing ceremony this morning, new public laws were added to Guam statute that repeal thestatute of limitations for sex crimes against children, and criminalize bullying, cyberbullying, and sexting.  Lt.Governor Ray Tenorio, Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz, and Senator Judi Guthertz attended the event.
“It is disheartening there are people in this world who would rob a child of their innocence.  I will not tolerate any harm being done to our sons and daughters; the most vulnerable of Guam must be protected,” GovernorCalvo said.
During the signing for Bill 34-31, Vice-Speaker Cruz expressed his gratitude for the Governor’s actions.
“Your courage is astounding,” he said tearfully.
“This is the kind of leadership we need at Adelup,” Senator Guthertz added.
Governor Calvo, intended to veto in its original form, however, he supported the measure after amendments made only perpetrators of crimes against children civilly responsible.  Organizations, like churches and corporations will not be able to be used as scapegoats, so the criminals can answer for their actions themselves.
The Governor also signed a bill into law that helps the Guam Department of Education spend money from theAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) in the timeline mandated by federal law.
“While I am happy this law helps our public schools, I look forward to working with the Legislature to help therest of the government spend this money,” Governor Calvo said.  “All of this government is facing the deadline to spend ARRA money, and all of this government needs a collaborative solution to prevent it from being wasted.”
More measures, dealing with honoring senior citizens, funding Guam’s only animal shelter, and criminalizing shark finning, were also signed into law.  The bills that Governor Calvo acted on during the event are:
Bill No. 9-31 (LS), now Public Law No. 31-05:
An Act To Amend §34205(A) Of Article 2, Chapter 34 Of Title 10, Guam Code Annotated, And § 70.10 Of Article 1, Chapter 70 Of Title 9, Guam Code Annotated; And To Add New §§70.01, 70.10.1, 70.10.2 And 70.10.3 To Article 1, Chapter 70 Of Title 9, Guam Code Annotated, Relative To Keeping Animals In Guam
Bill No. 33-31 (COR), now Public Law No. 31-06:
An Act To Add A New §10.16 To Chapter 10 Of Title 8, Guam Code Annotated, Relative To Repealing TheStatute Of Limitation For The Prosecution Of A Sex Crime Involving A Victim Who Is Under The Age Of Majority
Bill No. 34-31 (COR), now Public Law No. 31-07:
An Act To Amend §11306, And To Add §11306.50 Of Article 3, Chapter 11 Of Title 7, Guam Code Annotated, Relative To The Statute Of Limitations For Civil Actions Involving Child Sexual Abuse
Bill 37-31 (COR), now Public Law No. 31-08:
An Act To Repeal And Reenact Section 12 Of Chapter Iii, Part Ii-Department Of Public Health And Social Services, Of Public Law 30-196, Relative To Funding The Government Of Guam Animal Shelter, Currently Operated By The Guam Animals In Need (Gain), Inc.
Bill No. 41-31 (COR), now as Public Law No. 31-09:
An Act To Amend §§19.69 And 19.70 Of Chapter 19, And §61.20 Of Chapter 61; To Add A New §61.20.1 To Chapter 61, And New §§28.90, 28.100 And 28.101 To Chapter 28, All Of Title 9, Guam Code Annotated; And To Amend §3112.1 Of Article 1, Chapter 3 Of Title 17, Guam Code Annotated, Relative To Bullying, Cyberbullying And Sexting
Bill No. 44-31 (COR), Public Law No. 31-10:
An Act To Amend §§63101 And 63129, And To Add New §§63114.1, 63114.2, 63114.3, 63114.4 And 63114.5, All Of Article 1, Chapter 63 Of Title 5, Guam Code Annotated, Relative To The Possession, Selling, Offering For Sale, Trading, Or Distribution Of Shark Fins, Rays And Ray Parts
Bill No. 47-31 (COR), now Public Law No. 31-11:
An Act To Amend §1032 (E) Of Chapter 10 Of Title 1, Guam Code Annotated, Relative To Senior Citizens Day A The Legislature
Bill 48-31 (COR), now Public Law No. 31-12:
An Act To Add A New §5425a To Part A Of Article 9, Chapter 5 Of Title 5, Guam Code Annotated, Relative To Providing Temporary Expedited Procurement Protest Procedures For Acquisitions Funded With 2009 American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Moneys Allotted To The Guam Department Of Education
Finally, Bill 36-31 was vetoed.
“The Guam Economic Development Authority (GEDA) already offers this assistance to small and mid-size businesses in the way of micro-loans to businesses who may be adversely affected by road construction.  In fact, GEDA is actively operating its community outreach program to promote these micro-loans it is offering to all businesses currently affected by road construction, especially those businesses near the intersections ofRoutes 8, 10 and 16 (the “tri-intersection”),” Governor Calvo wrote in his veto message to Speaker Judith Won Pat.

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