November 22, 2011

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo now has the authority to transfer certain lots known commonly as “DOE Staff Housing” to the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority to be rehabilitated and added to the affordable housing inventory.
Public Law No. 31-151, introduced by Senator Tina Muña Barnes, a proponent of the administration’s affordable housing initiatives, allows GHURA to determine which lots and facilities are suitable for rehabilitation. This will allow GHURA funds to be used to create more affordable housing for Guam’s struggling families.
“The areas identified in this new law have been unused for years.  I applaud Senator Barnes for her commitment to affordable housing,” Governor Calvo said.  “These are the kinds of laws that help those in most need.  It’s a great solution that sets an example for future initiatives.”
Governor Calvo also took action on several other pieces of important legislation, including Senator Sam Mabini’s Bill No. 182, which authorizes the Guam Public Library System to generate revenue by leasing the area fronting the Nieves M. Flores Public Library to food vendors; and Senator Chris Duenas’ establishment of scholarship programs to assist economically-disadvantaged youth.
In addition, the Governor signed the following public laws:
PL 31-128:  now known as the “Guam’s Growing Work Force Scholarship Program,” the new law establishes a scholarship program for economically-disadvantaged students and provides funding sources for this program.
PL 31-129:  establishes the “Every Child is Entitled to A Higher Education Scholarship Program” for economically-disadvantaged students and provides funding sources for these scholarships.
PL 31-130:  deletes a portion of the 1996 Highway Master Plan reservation relative to a certain area in Mongmong-Toto-Maite and repeals and re-enacts Article 1, Chapter 62 of Title 21, Guam Code Annotated, relative to compliance with the Master Plan.
PL 31-131:  authorizes the Guam Public Library System to generate revenue by leasing property fronting the Nieves M. Flores Public Library to food vendors.
PL 31-132:  known as “The Youth Educational Training, Cultural Enhancement and Sports Opportunities Act,” to support educational training, cultural enhancement and sports opportunities and identify mentors to combat adolescent alcohol, drugs and tobacco consumption.
PL 31-133:  requires the Department of Parks and Recreation to conduct a review of beaches and near-shore areas surrounding Guam.
PL 31-134:  provides for the transfer of properties under the jurisdiction of the Guam Community College to the Guam Ancestral Lands Commission.
PL 31-135:  now known as “The Cash Economy Enforcement Act of 2011,” the new law provides the Department of Revenue and Taxation with the resources and tools necessary to target high risk, cash-based businesses and non-licensed businesses engaged in military construction projects.
PL 31-136:  requires a country of origin label to comply with the Guam Product Seal permit program.
PL 31-137:  establishes the physician recruitment and retention education debt repayment program.
PL 31-138:  expands whistle-blower protection to all employees, classified or unclassified, of the government of Guam.
PL 31-139:  requires the Clerk of the Legislature to transmit to the Compiler of Laws and the government of Guam, department, agency, autonomous agency, office or instrumentality of record, a formal notification of the rules, regulations or fee schedules adopted within 90 days of filing with the Legislative Secretary.
PL 31-140: exempts the Guam Recycling Revolving fund from the transfer of authority of the Governor of Guam.
PL 31-141:  mandates that all vending machines at all government of Guam buildings contain healthy foods.
PL 31-142:  rezones an agricultural lot in Sinajana from an agricultural to commercial zone.
PL 31-143:  enacts traffic safety regulations to further protect Guam’s visually impaired population.
PL 31-144:  exempts private security companies whose personnel are unarmed from having to pay for general liability insurance.
PL 31-145:  authorizes the Port Authority of Guam to enter into negotiations for the acquisition of the “POLA” gantry cranes owned by Matson/ Horizon, Inc. or its successor.
PL 31-146:  relative to the establishment, promotion and maintenance of a comprehensive Guam emergency medical and ambulance services system.
PL 31-147:  requires the Department of Public Works to consider the feasibility of road construction projects to be done during evening hours.
PL 31-148:  regulates the size of political signs placed on public property.
PL 31-149:  strengthens sexual harassment codes and regulations.
PL 31-150:  establishes a task force to establish rules, regulations and investigations for Guam Product Seal requirements.  The task force will fall under the auspices of the Lieutenant Governor of Guam.
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