A report to the citizens of Guam.  What we do, why we do it and how we are different.
The Office of the Governor is led by the island’s leaders, Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio. Together, they chose a staff that shares their values in government: protection of the people’s right to know, integrity in government service, fiscal responsibility and personal accountability in service to the people, and an undying passion to improve the lives of the people through a focused vision and a positive attitude about the potential of our people. This Citizens Centric Report is for the operations of the Governor’s Office in FY2010. Calvo & Tenorio were not in office that year. We have adjusted this report as much as possible to reflect this difference. It should be noted the Governor & Lt. Governor cut the size of the Governor’s Office workforce by 16 percent, reduced the number of special assistants and reorganized their offices.
Download the Citizen Centric Report here.

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