Cleaning of Guam Seal Completed
Seal displayed at Lieutenant Governor Tenorio’s office
Immediate Release: February 15, 2011
Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio proudly displayed a shiny Guam Seal in his Chambers today. The Seal was picked up by the Guam Museum last week and put through several phases of restoration. “Upon assuming office, the Seal was tarnished and dull but I’m happy to see that it has been restored to its original glory.” said Tenorio. “I’m ready to showcase the Seal and plan to carry out an initiative to educate others about the significance of the Seal to people of Guam.”
Though the origin of the metal Seal is unknown, this Seal depicts the original design before the 24th Guam Legislature modified the language in 1997. As stated in 1GCA Chapter 4, §410, the Lieutenant Governor of Guam is named the custodian of the Seal and shall oversee any and all use of the Seal.
As Keeper of the Seal, Tenorio wants to take this responsibility to the next level in tandem with beautification efforts for the island. Projects that are slated to begin are the “Bus Stop Project” which entails the revitalization of bus shelters throughout the island and the “Living Seal Park Project” which calls for the construction of a real life, multi-dimensional view of the Seal and its elements, such as the proa and the tree at the Guam Seal Park. The Office of the Lieutenant Governor is currently working with government agencies, private organizations and businesses to get these projects underway.

If you would like to know more about the Guam Seal project, contact Program Coordinator Roe-Ann Cruz at 475-9380 or email
Cleaning of the Guam Seal was completed February 15, 2011 by the Guam Museum and returned to the office of Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio. Pictured from left to right: Roe-Ann Cruz, Staff Assistant; Javier Manibusan and Lolita Ojeda, Guam Museum staff; and Lt. Governor Tenorio.

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