You and your children will be the proud owners of a new fishing platform in Hagatna, and a modern pier and boat ramp in Merizo.

Governor Eddie Calvo signed the contract with Mega United Corp. to build a 136-foot fishing ramp at the Paseo de Susana. He approved a separate contract with Rex International to repair the Merizo Pier and boat ramp.

The projects are part of Governor Calvo’s overall capital improvements agenda – a precursor to the capital improvements projects plan to be developed under the Imagine Guam program. Part of that agenda is to modernize infrastructure for fishing and other marine activities and industries.

“We need to encourage people to build a stronger fishing and marine industry. That’s why we’re building modern infrastructure, so we can support fishermen and entice young Guamanians to fish and to explore oceanic careers,” Governor Calvo said.

The new fishing platform at the Paseo will be ADA-accessible, constructed of fiberglass panels above the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ wave absorber at the Paseo. GovGuam, in coordination with the non-profit Guam Organization of Saltwater Anglers, also has a coordination plan in place with the USACE on the inspection and maintenance of the platform and wave absorber. The contract amount is $549,370.

The Merizo Pier and boat ramp will be repaired for $132,940. Rex International will remove the existing structure, then cast-in-place marina-strength reinforced concrete. The contractor also will seal any existing cracks, and replace the pier rubber bumper that is bolted to the 50-foot long metal channel.

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