COMING SOON: The Southern Sports Complex in Agat
Calvo thanks Pangelinan for his support through tax credits
The people of the south soon will have a series of soccer fields, much like the ones Guam Football Association operates along Harmon Loop Road. Governor Calvo signed the agreement with GFA to build the Southern Sports Complex in Agat.
PPP using tax credits by Sen. Pangelinan made this happen
This is possible through a public-private partnership. GFA will pay the upfront costs of building the sports complex. Every year for the next 25 years, GovGuam will honor tax credits redeemed by GFA. These tax credits are issued compliments of Sen. Ben Pangelinan’s P.L. 30-3, passed in 2009.
“We, again, find ourselves in a position to honor tax credits in exchange for development for the public good because of another law by Sen. Pangelinan. Even when GovGuam owed the people $254 million in tax refunds in 2009, he had the vision to see that his tax credits would not jeopardize GovGuam finances. In fact, no one has authored more laws issuing tax credits to companies than Sen. Pangelinan.” — Governor Calvo
Facilities that will be built; partnership with Mayor Tayama
The Governor supports public private partnerships that work. This agreement allows GFA to build and maintain two soccer fields, accompanying stadium, bleachers, and any other necessary structure for this sports complex. The GFA will work closely with the Mayor of Agat.
Support from the Mayor and from Sen. Tommy Morrison
“This is something Mayor Tayama has been pushing to happen, along with the GFA and Sen. Morrison. There’s been this beautiful and vibrant sports complex up north. We can’t leave the south in the dark. I thank Sen. Morrison for always pushing this agenda for athletic facilities and to ensure the south is prioritized. And I thank Mayor Tayama for constantly advocating for Agat and the students of the south.” — Governor Calvo
How this all happened
P.L. 30-3 expands the authorization for lands to lease contained in P.L. 24-33, both laws authored by Sen. Pangelinan. P.L. 24-33 authorized a lease between GovGuam and GFA for the Dededo soccer fields. P.L. 30-3 added the land in Agat for the Southern Sports Complex. A separate authorization put financial ‘teeth’ into the original law. P.L. 27-85, also by Sen. Pangelinan, created the tax credit program for the northern soccer fields, which later was granted for the Agat complex. This was done after it became apparent that the original law did not provide sufficient ways and means to allow GFA to bear the upfront costs of building the soccer fields. It was the tax credits that got everything going.

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