Adelup sent a bill to the Legislature that would authorize $1.5 million to cover an appropriation shortfall for the upcoming Festival of Pacific Arts.
In 2013, the Organizing Committee approved a budget that expected $2 million from fundraising and donations. That amount wasn’t met, leaving the Committee short by $2.5 million.
From last year, when Governor Calvo appointed a new team to oversee the festival preparations, more than $100,000 was raised. Added to what was raised prior, the committee now has about $150,000.
Fundraising, cost-cutting efforts
The Committee has been very aggressively seeking additional sponsorships, donations, and recently gratefully accepted a $100,000 from GRMC through the 1% for Arts program. Some of the sponsorships include in-kind donations that have reduced costs.
In addition to that, much of the capital improvement needed to prepare for FestPac, for example, renovating the Paseo stadium and the recreation center, and building additional restrooms at the Chamorro Village, was done through Department of Interior grants.
Also, about $8 million had been budgeted for housing festival delegates. The committee has reduced that amount significantly by working with Guam DOE to house artisans and cultural practitioner at schools. The Housing subcommittee has now reduced that amount to about a $1 million.
All of these efforts meant more money could be set aside for logistics.
The Office of Public Accountability, in a recently completed audit, the Festival of Pacific Arts organizing committee has to make up for this $1.5 million appropriation shortfall.
Legislature’s assistance needed
The bill to address the shortfall would appropriate money from the Tourist Attraction Fund from Fiscal Year 2017 revenues to the Guam Visitors.
“We’re in the final leg of preparation and we look forward to working with senators, several of whom sit with us on the committee, to ensure we’re prepared to receive more than 3,000 guests,” said Festival Director Rose Ramsey.
Committee Chairman Nate Denight said while the committee will continue to pursue funding sources and support, this legislation is sorely needed.
“We have less than 30 days, until the start of the Festival, and getting the funding is crucial. Without it, we may have to make some very hard decisions,” Denight stated.

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