Hagatna, GU — Work to replace the Chief Quipuha (also spelled Kepuha) statue in HÃ¥gatña started today.
The decades-old statue was rusted with cracks throughout the body and was removed to avoid potentially dangerous situations. When contractors first attempted to remove the statue today, cracks became more pronounced and there was concern that it would break.
The new statue, modeled after the original, will be placed on the existing pedestal, which will be cleaned and refurbished. The original statue will be moved to the Guam Museum for display.
“Chief Quipuha is an important part of our island’s history and culture,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio said. “Updating and maintaining our parks – and this park is a particularly important feature of our island’s landscape – is important if we are to ensure the future generations understand the evolutions of our culture that helped shape who we are today as a people.”
In addition to the statue replacement, renovations at Chief Quipuha Park include landscaping and upgrades to the park’s lighting. The renovations are part of a project led by the Lieutenant Governor’s Islandwide Beautification Task Force. Renovations to the park are made possible through numerous donors, including LMS Guam and The Works! Foundation.
For more information, contact Roe-Ann Cruz at 475-9383 or roeann.cruz@guam.gov

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