“Bill 309 is an investment into our police force and the safety of our community.  It allows police officers to make their way up the ranks, but also makes room for additional recruits.  I want to thank our friends at the Legislature for working together to help the Guam Police Department promote officers.”

– Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

Strengthening the Guam’s Police Department
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo this morning signed Bill 309, allowing the Guam Police Department to promote police officers as well as recruit officers needed to strengthen the department.
In the last few years, the administration, with the help of the Legislature, has been able to increase the number of police officers who patrol our village streets.
“Adding to that, we have more working police cars and motorcycles on the streets today thanks to the help of our community and the partnership of corporate citizens,” the Governor noted.
Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio said it has been a long road but the continued investment into the island’s police force is necessary.
“A few years ago, we were finally able to get police officers the pay increases that had been promised by Legislative mandate. Today, we will see police officers who have met the qualifications receive promotions made possible through Senator McCreadie’s bill,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio stated.
More police officers
Bill 309, now Public Law 33-66, authorizes the Guam Police Department to use funds from the Public Safety Vacancy Pool Cost Account for the promotions and recruitment of new officers. It also calls for GPD to conduct a police training cycle for at least 40 candidates each fiscal year, beginning with Fiscal 2017.
“The signing of Bill 309 into law is a milestone for public safety. It is among the many goals that Chief Joseph I. Cruz has for the Guam Police Department, and I am happy to be of any assistance in supporting our law enforcement officers in safeguarding our community,” Senator Brant McCreadie stated. “I would like to thank Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio for signing this legislation into law. This bill ensures a safer community and a safer police force with the addition of 200 new officers in the next 5 years.”
Police Chief J.I. Cruz said in 2000, GPD lost about 100 police officers and several civilian employees to the “early out” retirement program. It left a void that was exacerbated by the loss of employees through attrition over the years. This, in turn, created a burden, which will soon be lifted.
“First and foremost I would like to thank Governor Eddie Calvo, Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and Senator Grant McCreadie for their concerted efforts in ensuring the passage of Bill 309 into law,” Chief Cruz stated. “This new law gives the department an opportunity to fill the many management and supervisory positions that have been vacant. It also presents our police officers with the opportunity for upward mobility and will allow for further growth through the hiring of more officer so that we can better serve and meet the needs of our community.”

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Gover signs bill 309
Gover signs bill 309 (2)

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