Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio offer the following congratulatory statements to Congresswoman Bordallo on the movement of the military buildup today through Congress.
From Governor Calvo:
I applaud Congresswoman Bordallo’s tenacity in helping to build a better future for Guam. The military buildup, first and foremost, is about our security and the security of our country and her allies. We also welcome the fact that the military buildup will bolster Guam’s already-growing economy. It means growth, jobs, and greater confidence in our future.
Like the majority of our island, Congresswoman Bordallo believes that the military buildup will be good for Guam, America, and the world. She and I are working with the federal government to create a plan that benefits both the military and Guamanians.
A look at the political and military unrest in some of our neighboring countries in Asia-Pacific underscores the need to build up military presence on Guam. We know that for the buildup to happen on Guam there needs to be a firing range.
The Congresswoman’s bill allows for discussion to continue on the preservation of the island’s natural resources while also allowing the buildup to progress. It’s a step in the right direction and it’s a step supported by myself and the lieutenant governor, the mayors, the Republican senators, and the vast majority of the people of Guam.
From Lt. Governor Tenorio: 
Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo has worked hard, alongside the Calvo-Tenorio administration, to bring the concerns of the people of Guam to our military partners.
We’ve seen how partnering in progress has helped address concerns previously raised.
The area on Andersen Air Force Base is the third location marked as the potential location of a firing range. In previous years leading up to this point, Double Reef and Pagat were considered and then taken off the table after concerns were raised by the Legislature and then a group of local residents.
It’s time to move this buildup forward. The military wants to move forward. The vast majority of our island residents want to move this buildup forward.
If Speaker Judith Won Pat and Sen. Ben Pangelinan don’t want the buildup to happen, they should just say so, and not dance around this issue. This would place them with the minority, and at least clear the way for the Legislature to offer its support of the buildup.
It would allow the rest of the island to present the united front needed to work with the military to create not just a military buildup but a Guam buildup.
Otherwise, Speaker Won Pat and Sen. Pangelinan should just knock it off. This community will not tolerate more roadblocks to the military buildup or to progress. The military buildup offers us greater security, more jobs, and unprecedented development. Unless Speaker Won Pat and Sen. Pangelinan can offer those same promises and back them up with results, then I cannot take their rhetoric seriously. No one should.

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