“Online services make things easier for our customers.  These initiatives mean you won’t spend as much time waiting in line or waiting on the phone.  It’s good to see the system is working for the Department of Revenue and Taxation and the people they serve.  Our administration will keep looking for ways to use technology to cut down on the time you spend waiting for government services.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Online registration increases                                                                                           
Since its implementation in March, the Department of Revenue and Taxation has processed more and more online appointments for Guam IDs and driver’s licenses.  This system cuts down on the time customers wait in line at the department, and makes it easier to receive your license or Guam ID.
The month of July is expected to be the most productive time period yet, with 282 appointments scheduled by July 19.  So far, 1,165 appointments have been made using this online system.
Here is a monthly breakdown of appointments scheduled:

  • March: 241
  • April: 233
  • May: 181
  • June: 228
  • July 1 to July 19: 282
  • Total: 1,165

How to register                                                                                                                     
The online appointment system allows customers to pre-register their driver’s license and Guam identification card information. Residents can also schedule an appointment with an agent at the driver’s license branch to process their applications.
It can be accessed at https://realid.drt.guam.gov/Default.aspx.  The system provides a user-friendly interface to enter applicant data and print the required application forms. Applicants may bypass the on-line application and only schedule an appointment with an agent, as well.
The system was developed and installed in order to reduce wait times at the Driver’s License Branch.   A component was implemented to process applicants with scheduled appointments.  Additionally, by pre-registering online and printing the paperwork ahead of time, the applicant will be processed through the system much faster.
The web site provides on-line help and “how-to” tutorials, which can guide the applicant through the process.    The link provided above takes the applicant directly to the home page where there are several links available:

  • Guam Licensing Home
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Photo ID Application
  • Forms/Documents

The site is part of a long-term initiative to become RealID compliant and provide improved customer service. The RealID Act was an Act of Congress that modified U.S. Federal Law pertaining to security, authentication and issuance procedure standards for the state and territories driver’s license and identification cards.
For more information, please contact Ms. Jennie Quintans via email at jennie.lcs@live.com or 635-1780 or 635-7662.

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