First Lady Christine Calvo is hosting Pale’ Eric Forbes’ DVD signing for his cultural documentary “I Am Chamorro” at 6 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 2, at Government House.
Prior to signing DVDs, Pale’ Eric will provide a synopsis of the documentary, and offer a blessing for the DVDs and everyone who watches them. Pale’ Eric is a Catholic priest who has researched the history of Guam and her people. “I Am Chamorro” is the product of a collaboration between Pale’ Eric and Joanne Tabor Modic, who is described on the DVD’s website as a half Chamorro who was born and raised on Guam but who moved to California more than 30 years ago. The DVD is a documentary of the history of the Chamorro people from pre-European contact to recent history. The project was made possible through generous donations and sponsorships. To learn more, visit the website at:
This signing ceremony also will mark the official closing of this year’s Peace Festival, which has attracted thousands of people since it opened about three weeks ago. If you haven’t visited Government House to see the beautiful lights and trees, come on down on Saturday.
For more information on the DVD signing or on the Peace Festival, please call Jesse Alig at 475-9474.

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