November 9, 2011
The Commission on Decolonization is aggressively moving forward with its public outreach and education initiatives to inform residents about issues pertaining to self-determination.
“The administration is determined to reinvigorate this movement properly,” Governor Eddie Baza Calvo.  “We want residents to know of every option available and what these options will mean for them and future generations.”
Public Law 31-92, signed into law on September 30, 2011, mandates the Commission on Decolonization to submit a report detailing an education program with procedures and timelines to the legislature for review in preparation for a future plebiscite vote for self-determination.
The Board of Decolonization, chaired by Governor Calvo, will discuss these and other self-determination issues pertaining to the education procedures timeline report required by PL 31-92 in a meeting.
The Board of Decolonization meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 17, 2011 at 11a.m. in the Governor’s Conference Room at the Ricardo J. Bordallo Governor’s Complex, Adelup.
Contact Troy Torres at 475-9303 or 486-8887 for more information.

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