Department of Administration officials are wondering why the University of Guam hasn’t picked up its last two checks.
“I know they told the media that they were desperate for money so it’s perplexing that for the last two weeks UOG didn’t pick up their checks,” DOA Director Christine Baleto stated.  “I’m told by my staff that they usually are really good about picking them up like clockwork. And yet we had two weeks of checks still sitting at the Treasurer’s Office as of this morning.”
Baleto also wanted to address the University of Guam’s assertions that they are still owed $21 million for the remainder of the fiscal year. The number was published in a Pacific Daily News article.
“Contrary to what was told to the media, they were actually GIVEN $21 million in allotments. What they’re actually owed as of this month is $12 million,” Baleto stated. “Further, just as we have with any other agency that we work with, I have been in contact with President Dr. Robert Underwood and his staff so if they had any questions on this we would have been happy to answer them.”
Here’s a breakdown:

  • Fiscal 2016 appropriation: $39 million
  • 10% reserve: $3 million
  • Paid to UOG (As of August): $21 million


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