“For years, the mayors of Talofofo, Yona, and Santa Rita have told us about the problems their residents face on their commute to and from home. This road connects our residents and visitors to our beautiful southern villages, and over the years the wear and tear of the road has posed a danger to our families. The south has been overlooked for too long in the past. Today, I am happy to be part of the beginning of the first of many road projects we planned for 2014 in the south.” – Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Groundbreaking for Phase II of Route 17
One of the busiest southern roadways continues to be repaired and made safer thanks to the efforts of Governor Calvo, Lieutenant Governor Tenorio, and Department of Public Works. DPW began Phase II of the Route 17 rehabilitation project, today. Phase II includes the replacement of 12 cross-island drainage culverts that were determined to be in poor condition and in need of immediate replacement.
The project will repair road pavement beginning from Chalan Tun Ramon Baza to Route 5.
Phase I Completed in February 2013
Phase I was completed I the beginning of last year. Those improvements included the widening of travel lanes from 10-12 feet and the resurfacing of 3-inch thick asphalt concrete pavement. A 1-inch thick asphalt concrete friction course was also implemented in the project with the provision of 6-foot wide shoulders.
In Phase I, affected utilities were relocated, permanent traffic markers and signs and other roadway fixtures were installed to improve the safety for drivers.
Phase II will cost $2.5 million to be completed in the next 12 months. Both phases were funded by Federal Highway Administration funds.
Road Projects Completed in 2013
• Route 17 (Phase I) Rehabilitation and Widening
• Route 11 Shore Protection
• Taleyfak Bridge Restoration
• Resurfacing and Widening of Ylig Bridge to Pago Bay

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