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We received this media release from Sen. Brant McCreadie and wanted to pass this on to our mailing list. His release explains how he and Sens. Tony Ada, Duenas, Yamashita, Morrison, and Limtiaco introduced legislation to dedicate a funding stream to construct a new middle school and a new Simon Sanchez High School.
The release from Sen. McCreadie’s office follows. Their bill is attached.
Senator McCreadie introduces bill to fund future school construction
September 11, 2013
Senator Brant McCreadie today introduced Bill 182-32 (COR) which provides funding for the construction of new middle school as well as provides additional funding for Simon Sanchez High School. The legislation is cosponsored by Senators Tony Ada, Chris Duenas, Aline Yamashita, Tommy Morrison and Michael Limtiaco.
“It is crucial that we continue to identify funding sources like these to ensure that we provide proper educational facilities for our children,” said Senator McCreadie. “This bill captures future revenues from the debt service of maturing bonds that will greatly assist the Department of Education in constructing a much needed middle school as well as provide additional funding for the future Simon Sanchez project, as identified in Public Law 32-063.”
Bill 182-32 will reserve a total of $4.8 million upon the maturity of the Government of Guam Limited Obligation: Business Privilege Tax Bond Series 2013C for the purposes mentioned above. Senator Yamashita adds, “With a growing middle school population, a new school is needed. I am happy to cosponsor this proactive bill and look forward to a potential groundbreaking in the future.”
Adds Senator Tony Ada, “education should always be at the forefront of our minds and this bill looks ahead and sets a positive plan for the future of our students.” Additionally, Senator Limtiaco affirms “this forward thinking legislation has the potential to increase accountability and proper execution of large capital improvement projects.” Finally, Senator Morrison states that “positive investments in our youth shows that we consider them to be our most important asset and are committed to their success.” Adds Senator Duenas, “building facilities that our youth can respect and take pride in helps promote a positive future for our children.”
For more information, please contact the office of Senator Brant McCreadie at 472-3462/3 or via email at
Note: Click here for a copy of Bill 182-32.
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