More Private Sector, Fewer Govt. Line Agency Jobs
November 16, 2011
There are 580 more private sector jobs than there were on Guam since the last quarterly employment report (June), and 130 fewer government line agency jobs since last year. This is according to the latest Current Employment Report (September) by the Department of Labor.
Two things should be noted:
1.     While there was a substantial increase in private sector jobs over the previous quarter, the full count is still below what it was in September 2010, and a few below March 2011, before the Japan tsunami disasters.
2.     The report shows an increase in government employment between June and September 2011. Please keep in mind that many DOE teachers are not employed during the summer, and thus traditionally increase the employment rolls from June to September.
“Every new job is good news for Guam,” Governor Eddie Baza Calvo said. “It seems that we’re rebounding slowly. I’m pretty sure the economic stimulus from the release of the tax refunds will create even more jobs. There’s a lot of reason to be confident in Guam.”
The decrease in government employees cannot be attributed to the layoff plans that have been submitted by some agencies. The decrease can, however, be attributed to attrition. Several agencies have reduced the payroll either by not filling positions where employees retired, resigned or were terminated for performance.
An example of one such agency would be the Department of Parks and Recreation. When Governor Calvo took office, there were 74 employees in that agency. Today, there are 59. That is a 20 percent reduction in force through attrition alone.
The average hours worked and the weekly earnings of employees also increased.
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