In the last few months, Vice Speaker Cruz has been upset about the administration’s call for a second actuarial report on the bill that would increase the $1.1 billion unfunded liability at the Retirement Fund by up to $170 million. We’re still paying down that $1.1 billion unfunded liability, by the way. And it’s unclear how much taxpayers and GovGuam employees will have to pay for the Defined Benefits 1.75 Plan. And this is especially a concern considering the changes that were made during a previous session, like decreasing the retirement age.
And yet, he continues to criticize the Administration’s efforts to ensure an actuary answers certain questions so we know what the senator is leading us into. Here’s the thing, this is not just something that only the Retirement Fund will face, this is something that will fall on the laps of taxpayers and GovGuam employees.  And they deserve the answers to these questions.
We ask Vice Speaker BJ Cruz answer these questions for the people of Guam: 
Will taxpayers have to pay for this hybrid plan? How much are they paying now and will they have to pay more?
Could this jeopardize the Government’s fiscal health? What will investors say?
He keeps saying we’re in a financial crisis. Can we afford to take on a bill that would increase the unfunded liability by another (at this point) estimated $170 million? That’s on top to the $60 million in unfunded liability the Vice Speaker snuck into by increasing survivor benefits.
How do the amendments to the bill made by Sen. San Nicolas and Speaker Won Pat impact the cost of the bill?  For example, what is the impact of lowering the age of retirement to 62?
What would the annual cost to GovGuam employees and taxpayers be for paying down the unfunded liability plus the cost of this bill?
Is Social Security a part of this plan now? Is it safe to tie the futures of thousands of GovGuam retirees to something to shaky?

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