There are 2 reasons
…we are asking the Legislature to include the construction, technology, and equipment projects in Sen. Rodriguez’s GMH financing package:
For those who’ve been critical of this financial problem GMH has every couple years, the biggest question has been …
How do we keep this from happening again?
THE ANSWER: Build the outpatient clinic facility that everyone knows will make the money GMH needs to begin supporting itself. Down the line (something to discuss outside of Rodriguez’s bill), eliminate the self-pay problem by providing universal access to care.
MEME Give a man a fish


The much more important reason for investing in these facilities, technology, and equipment:

People who are fighting cancer deserve the

Cancer Treatment Center

We will build

People who are dealing with heart issues deserve the

Cardiac Cath Center

We will build

People who need medicine as soon as the doctor prescribes it deserve a

Modern Pharmacy

We will build

People who are suffering and don’t know what’s wrong deserve the

Interventional Radiology and Advanced Imaging Center

We will build

Mothers who are about to bring children into the world deserve the

Modern Birthing Center we are building

That will connect to the new outpatient facility we will build​


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