Government-Wide Relief for Japan Launched
Leaders Ask Public to Help Neighbors in Need
Press Update: March 17, 2011
In an unprecedented show of unity, the entire government of Guam is organizing a relief drive to benefit thepeople of Japan affected by the recent earthquakes and tsunamis.  Governor Eddie Baza Calvo will lead theefforts, and has appointed four Co-Chairpersons representing all sectors of public service: Speaker Judith Won Pat, Chief Justice F. Philip Carbullido, Mayor Melissa Savares, and First Lady Christine Calvo.
“Now is the time for Guam to show the common decency we are known for,” Governor Calvo said.  “So many people want to know how they can help, and I am thankful our entire government is providing an outlet for all ofGuam’s good Samaritans.”
“I’m so touched to hear just how many people want to reach out and help our neighbors in Japan,” Speaker Won Pat said.  “I’m also proud this government is once again, showing its strength in our unity for a good cause.”
The government-wide committee will coordinate efforts among the various sectors of the community, including businesses, schools and other public agencies, the University of Guam and the Guam Community College to assist the people of Japan who were devastated by this catastrophe.
“We can truly make a difference by coming together with a single, effective effort,” Chief Justice Carbullido said.  “Our community was heartbroken at the news of the tragedy and while messages of condolences might help renew a broken spirit, the Judicial Branch not only stands at the ready but are driven to action to assist our neighbors to the north in this time of dire need.”
“Just like the aftermath of a typhoon, our island is rallying together to help people we care about,” Mayor Savares said.  “Being a part of this effort is so inspiring, and I’m more than happy to lend the full support of theMayors Council.”
Based upon the advice of Yoshiyuki Kimura, Consul General of Japan for Guam, Guamanians are asked to make monetary donations to help victims and their families. First Lady Christine Calvo’s office will accept donations, and will send it over to the local chapter of the American Red Cross.
“Our families help others–it’s who we are as a people,” First Lady Calvo said.  “I want to thank everyone for opening their hearts.  Eddie and I are praying for the victims of these recent tragedies, their families, and thekind and generous people who are making a positive difference in their lives.”
Checks can be made payable to American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.  In order for these donations to directly benefit the Japanese people, all memo lines on checks must include: “Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami.”
Anyone interested in helping the people of Japan, through this drive can contact Jesse Alig at 475-9353, or email

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