Governor announces COR1: Only emergency personnel should be out on roads
Residents asked to stay indoors.
JIC Release No. 5
Storm update, July 30, 2014
(As of 8:30 am ChST)
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and Rear Admiral Tilghman Payne have placed both the civilian and federal governments in Condition of Readiness 1.  COR1 means destructive winds of 65 miles per hour are possible within the next 12 hours.
Road conditions are hazardous right now.  Heavy wind and rain increases the chance of hydroplaning.  During COR1, we strongly advise that everyone stay indoors and off the roadways unless it is an emergency, or you’re seeking shelter.
Overnight, Tropical Storm Halong’s movements were erratic, speeding up and slowing down.  This has changed its closest point of approach to noon today. During that time, destructive winds around 65 mph may affect Guam.  Hazardous weather will remain even after the storm’s closest point of approach has passed.  Please remain sheltered in place until the all clear is given.  The storm is currently located 60 miles east-northeast of Guam.
Currently, the storm’s wind speed is measured at about 50 miles per hour, and is expected to intensify.
Additional rainfall of 6 to 9 inches is expected during the duration of the storm.  Flash flooding in low-lying areas, and near streams and shores are possible.  Please seek higher ground or head to a storm shelter if your area is prone to flooding.

Shelter information

If you feel your home is unsafe because of the storm conditions, please head to a designated storm shelter.  Families who require transportation can call their village mayor’s office.  Transportation to shelters will continue until road conditions are too hazardous for government personnel to safely traverse.  If you need safe shelter, please head to the following sites:
Northern Guam:       Machananao Elementary School
   Astumbo Elementary School
   Maria Ulloa Elementary School
Central Guam:          George Washington High School
Southern Guam:      Talofofo Elementary School
   Harry S. Truman Elementary School
This information is based on the latest forecast data available.  Weather is unpredictable.  Everything about the storm, including its intensity, speed, and track can change.  Please listen to the radio, and follow updates on the Facebook pages below for the latest information on Tropical Storm Halong.

  • GovGuam non-essential agencies remain closed. 
  • Joint Region Marianas reports that all main gates to all military bases are open for emergency access only.
  • The Port Authority of Guam remains closed to all incoming and outgoing vessels.

Updates can be found at:
Please call the Joint Information Center at 478-0208/09 for more information.

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