Building for the Future, Laying A Foundation of Values

By Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

Hafa Adai My Fellow Guamanians,
I’ve come to see that my weekly addresses have evolved into moments that allow me to speak candidly with each of you.  Sometimes I update with you with the progress of your government, other times I reach out to those in need, and other times, I just want to express how grateful I am because so many of you have given so much of your time to make Guam a better place.
Thank you for listening.  Thank you for your feedback… and thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
I know times have changed.  Our children are growing up in a generation more connected to one another — and the world — than ever before.
They’re living amidst a media phenomenon that sensationalizes lifestyles of the rich and famous.  From the time they’re able to understand television, they’re immediately introduced to issues of a mature nature… things that even adults struggle to comprehend.
But we cannot let the lessons of values, respect and responsibility fall by the way side…  our children need our guidance — more than ever.  I bring up this subject now because I came across something disturbing last week.
While searching through an illegal dumping ground for those responsible for such disrespect of our land,  I found letters and messages written by elementary school students in our public schools.  It saddens me to think that our children in grade school aren’t asking each other to go to the movies anymore.  Instead they’re asking questions that should make us as parents, think twice about what our children are watching on TV or what kinds of things they’re reading on the internet.
Changing times, new technologies and busier schedules are no excuses for such young children to be speaking so candidly about sex and intimate relationships with one another… and without adult supervision, or guidance or knowledge.  Some would say that I’m being naïve, or that this topic isn’t something that I should be addressing as governor…  But I’m not only governor, I’m a parent and a member of this community and I’m trying my best make this island stronger.  I do feel it’s my duty both as a citizen and as a governor, and as a parent, to raise these issues.
We cannot confront together, what we refuse to believe exists.  I believe that our children, their values and their futures are far more important than any questions about boundaries of leadership, or topics to be discussed on television.
Tomorrow, I’ll be delivering my second State of the Island Address.  The collective mission of this administration is to build a better and stronger community.  We’ve spent this past year laying a new foundation for the 21stCentury and changing the way government serves you.
We’re working hard to improve your quality of life, fight poverty and build a community ready to take on the challenges of a demanding and exciting future.
But these efforts will have little effect if our children, the leaders of the next generation, are not prepared with life’s more simple — yet more important — lessons about values and respect.
This is the true fabric of our community and as I share with you the progress we have made together and lay out the course of our future tomorrow evening, I ask that we all keep in mind our responsibility to guide that next generation.
Let’s be role models, mentors and true leaders.  They are the future and the inspiration for everything we are fighting so hard for right now.
Join me tomorrow evening for the 2012 State of the Island Address… and join me in making our island, our children and future generations… even stronger than we know today.
May God bless you and your families, and may God bless Guam.


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