The Governor wrote to Speaker Judith T. Won Pat, calling for her to exercise her leadership at the 33rd Guam Legislature and ensure the Governor’s nominee gets the opportunity to discuss with all 15 senators her ability to lead the Department of Administration.
The Governor appointed Christine Baleto acting director of DOA after former Director Tony Blaz passed away. An official nominating packet was sent to the Legislature. Almost two months have passed and Senator San Nicolas has yet to schedule a confirmation hearing. These hearings serve as an interview; the nominee is able to state why he or she is able to do the job. And the senators are able to ask questions. The public also is given an opportunity to state why the individual should or should not be confirmed.
Senator San Nicolas has taken it upon himself to hold Christine Baleto’s nomination off of the public hearing schedule until the Administration does what he wants. He wants to be the senator who gets people their tax refunds. The Governor and Lt. Governor have been paying tax refunds to the people of Guam since 2011. San Nicolas became senator in 2013.
“He did this with the late Senator Tony Blaz, former Department of Administration director. And again, it was all for naught. Senator San Nicolas knew tax refunds would be paid out – even before he became a senator, this administration said tax refunds would be paid out. We kept our word and we did our job,” the Governor wrote.
The Governor called on the Speaker to exercise her leadership role and ensure all senators are given then opportunity to talk to the nominee and allow DOA to move forward under confident and stable leadership.
“Senator San Nicolas needs to do his job – a part of which is to allow all of the senators to do their job,” the Governor stated. “Christine’s nomination deserves public input that is provided through a public hearing, which will be followed by a discussion on session floor for an up or down vote by the 33rd Guam Legislature.”
The Governor added that he looks forward to the confirmation hearing being scheduled.

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