Governor Enhances Parole Board, Signs Two Other Bills into Law
Calvo Approves Freshman Senator’s First Statute
Immediate Release: March 8, 2011
Guam has three new laws that enhance the parole board, authorize private cafeteria services at the hospital, and allow greater access to sign language interpreters.  Governor Eddie Baza Calvo signed these bills into statute this afternoon.  The measures were part of the group passed by the Legislature last month.for all its employees.
“These laws show the progress made with cooperation and collaboration of all involved.  Whether it is Senator Ada ensuring more sign language interpreters are available, Senator Palacios enhancing the parole board, or Senator Rodriguez suggesting ways to improve services at the hospital, the approach was the same: let’s all work together to get this outcome the best way possible,” Governor Calvo said.  “This administration will continue to work with the Legislature, and all Guamanians to create laws that help our families, and protect themost vulnerable.”
The three new laws are:
Bill No. 55-31 (COR), now Public Law No. 31-02
An Act To Add A New Subsection (U) To §80109 Of Chapter 80, Title 10, Guam Code Annotated, Relative To Authorizing The Guam Memorial Hospital Authority To Solicit And Contract, In Whole Or In Part, For TheManagement And Operation Of Vendor Services Relative To Cafeteria, Snack Bar, Restaurant And/Or Other Food Service Activities
Bill No. 16-31 (COR), now Public Law No. 31-03
An Act To Amend §§85.10, 85.14 And 85.26 Of Chapter 85, Title 9, Guam Code Annotated, Relative To TheComposition And Powers Of The Guam Parole Board
Bill No. 58-31 (COR), now Public Law No. 31-04
An Act To Add A New §4128 To Article 1, Chapter 4 Of Title 4, Guam Code Annotated, Relative To AuthorizingThe Granting Of Administrative Leave For Volunteer Sign Language And Foreign Language Interpreters
Public Law 31-03 also has the distinction of being the first law from a freshman senator in the Thirty-first Guam Legislature.  Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr. sponsored the measure.  Meanwhile, Governor Calvo has until tomorrow to act on the remaining bills before him.

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