Governor Calvo signed 13 bills into law today at Adelup.

  • Public Law 32-009 authorizes the Guam Economic Development Authority to procure electronic security systems to be installed and maintained in Guam’s public schools. Speaker Won Pat’s bill seeks to enhance the safety and security of the students, faculty, and staff who attend GDOE schools.
  • Public Law 32-013, written by Speaker Judi Won Pat, would transfer property under the jurisdiction of the Port Authority of Guam to the jurisdiction of the Guam Ancestral Lands Commission, which will ultimately return land to original landowners.
  • Public Law 32-019 authorizes the use of mileage earned through credit card purchases by GovGuam to support student travel involving academics, sports, and cultural activities. Speaker Judi Won Pat wrote this bill.
  • Public Law 32-010, written by Senator Tommy Morrison, establishes an Office of Technology within the Department of Administration to oversee the coordination of the government’s technical infrastructure.
  • Public Law 32-011 transfers the former F.Q. Sanchez Elementary School facility to the Umatac Mayor’s Office allowing the Mayor’s Office to use the former elementary school under its discretion. This bill was written by Senator Tommy Morrison.
  • Public Law 32-012, written by Senator Brant McCreadie, strengthens penalties for crimes involving criminal sexual conduct.
  • Public Law 32-014 places the former Agat Fire Station under the administrative jurisdiction of the Agat Mayor’s Office. This bill was written by Senator Aline Yamashita.
  • Public Law 32-015 requires email messages related to procurement be held for record purposes. This bill was written by Senator Tony Ada.
  • Public Law 32-016, written by Senator Tony Ada, prohibits the government of Guam branches, departments, agencies, and instrumentalities from excluding local businesses from the procurement process.
  • Public Law 32-017 strengthens the penalties for crimes of family violence. This bill was written by Senator Frank Aguon, Jr.
  • Public Law 32-018, written by Acting Speaker Benjamin J. Cruz, strengthens the penalties for the possession, manufacturing, selling, or distribution of any synthetic Cannaboid or Salvia Divinorum.
  • Public Law 32-020 amends Article 1, Chapter 10, Title 5 of the Guam Code Annotated, relative to the Right of Inspection. This bill was written by Acting Vice Speaker Tina Muna Barnes.
  • Public Law 32-021 addresses the fund management of the Host Community Benefits. This bill was authored by Senator Ben Pangelinan.

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