February 3, 2012
The Guam Police Department’s CAPE Program now has two new scooters for enforcing parking and litter laws. Guam Harley Davidson donated two 2010 Auto Moto 150cc scooters to GPD’s volunteer program. The donation took place this morning at the Ricardo J. Bordallo Governor’s Complex breezeway.
“We definitely need resources to enforce parking and littering violations. These scooters will assist GPD and CAPE volunteers to perform their work,” said Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio. “The Governor and I want to thank and applaud Guam Harley Davidson, GPD, and CAPE for all of the work you do and especially good corporate citizens who make a difference in our community.”
The new scooters will assist the CAPE volunteers in their duties, like issuing parking citations and enforcing littering violations throughout the island. Each scooter is retailed at $3,800. According to Sgt. Jovito Jasmin, GPD’s fleet maintenance team will maintain both scooters.
Attached is a photo from the scooter donation ceremony held this morning at the Ricardo J. Bordallo Governor’s Complex at Adelup.
Pictured left to Right: Alex Chan-CAPE,Mike Camacho – Guam Harley Davidson, Debbie San Nicolas – CAPE, Capt. Kim Santos, Maj. Leon Ryan, GPD Chief Fred Bordallo, Maj. Rick Leon Guerrero, Lt.Gov. Ray Tenorio, Lt. Michael Archangel, Sgt. Jovito Jasmin, Ken Duenas – Guam Harley Davidson, and Off. Mercy Grino.
For more information, please call Raymond D. Gibson at 475-9380.

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