Guam First Commission to Be Empaneled
Press Update: January 19, 2011
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo is ready to empanel the Guam First Commission. He will be appointing four members to the commission.
In the meantime, he is asking the other leaders and groups responsible for making appointments to the commission, in accordance with the law, to submit their appointments. The law requires:

  • The Legislature to appoint four members
  • The Mayors Council to appoint one member
  • The Chief Justice to appoint one member
  • The Guam Youth Congress to appoint one member
  • Fuetsan Famalao’an to appoint one member
  • The Administrator of the Guam Economic Development Authority to appoint one member
  • The General Manager of the Guam Visitors Bureau to appoint one member

“Team Guam must speak with one voice as we build a strong and mutually-beneficial relationship with the military,” Governor Calvo said. “There is a lot on our agenda to resolve many outstanding issues for our people. We all want to work together during these dynamic and historic times.”
Governor Calvo received a letter from the Legislature informing him that Speaker Judith Won Pat, Ed.D., Senator Rory Respicio, Senator Judith Guthertz, DBA and Senator Frank Blas, Jr. will be serving on the commission. Formal requests will be made to the other groups listed above in the near future.

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