Guam to open its first dog park

A release from the Governor’s Office w Contact Phill Leon Guerrero at 929-7467 or
“Many Guamanians consider their furry friend a member of the family.  For decades, it was difficult for pet owners to take man’s best friend to enjoy the outdoors.  While beaches and parks are great places to take your pets, there is no place to play with your pet in public without a leash.  This new agreement will create our first public, leash-free park and will ensure this space is maintained and beautiful.  I congratulate Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and Project Dog Park Guam for working together to make this trailblazing partnership happen.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
DPR and community group opens Liguan Terrace park to dogs                       
Guam will soon have its first dog park.  It will be in the Liguan Terrace area of Dededo.  Yesterday, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo approved an agreement between the Department of Parks and Recreation and Project Dog Park Guam, Inc. that paves the way for a leash-free park area for dogs and their owners to enjoy.  Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio was instrumental in forging this partnership.
Community group will improve and maintain park                                                           
The agreement is a part of DPR’s Adopt-A-Park Program, which allows for non-governmental organizations to take responsibility of public parks.  As a result of the program, Dog Park Guam, Inc. will make improvements, beautify, and maintain Liguan Terrace Recreation Area 1–the name of the area of the future dog park.
“We’re excited to move this project forward.  The park needs a lot of help, and our organization stands at the ready to open Guam’s first leash-free, public dog park.  We will be going out to the business community, dog clubs, the Dededo Mayor’s Office, our government and military partners, and our neighbors from north to south to spread the word and get support for this effort.  If all goes well, we hope to start improvement and construction work in a few weeks, and open the park up to pets and families before the end of the year,” said Project Dog Park Guam, Inc. President Chris Guerrero.
Dog Park Guam, Inc. will pay for all construction-related costs for the improved park, including fencing, gates, signage, sanitary mitt/bag dispensers, and landscaping.  Project Dog Park Guam will perform daily and/or weekly removal of waste, regular maintenance, and enforce park rules and government laws.

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