Hafa Adai and happy Christmas week all,
Just before their Christmas holiday break, Tiyan High School students celebrated the opening of a new gymnasium. Improved student and school community environment is the focus of the weekly address. The text, audio file, and the link to watch the video on the Governor’s YouTube channel is can be found below.
Merry Christmas!


Hafa Adai my friends and family!!
On Friday, I had the honor of shooting some hoops at Tiyan High school’s new gymnasium with Superintendent Jon Fernandez, along with some students and staff.
It was great fun to celebrate the completion of the Barrigada school’s new gym for the more than 1,000 students. Most of the students came from George Washington and John F. Kennedy High Schools. Students at these two schools were faced with double sessions, and over crowded conditions that were not safe and certainly not comfortable. With Tiyan High open, students at three schools now have a safer environment.
The students at Tiyan High School were absolutely impressed and overjoyed to have a great school and a new gymnasium to go with it. And as I told them that day, there is more to come.
We are working on plans to build a track and field for the students. All of these facilities, from the classrooms to the new gym to the upcoming track and field, will help ensure that these students have the facilities they need to get a well-rounded education. The completion of the gym is an early Christmas gift to our island’s students, one that will continue to give for generations to come.
The students’ excitement reminds me a lot of my kids waking up to open gifts on Christmas Day. It also reminds me that our family and our children are the center of everything we do.
So with Christmas week here, I want to wish you all a joyous and peaceful holiday season. Take this holiday to spend time with your family and reflect on the blessings you have received throughout the year. One of my greatest blessings has been to serve you, my dear people of Guam.
God bless you and be with you and your family this Christmas season.

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