Stay inside, conditions unsafe; power & water updates;
flights cancelled
JIC Release No. 6
Storm update, July 30, 2014
It is dangerously windy and rainy right now.Tropical Storm Halong is making its way toward our area, scheduled to pass through the Rota Channel this afternoon. Winds and rains will keep growing stronger as the storm comes closer.
CRITICAL: Winds and rains will be especially dangerous AFTER Halong makes it closest point of approach. AGAIN: It will be even more dangerous to go outside your home after Halong’s closest point of approach at noon. These stronger winds and rains may last hours after the closest point of approach. We’ll let you know when it’s okay to leave your house.
Roads dangerous, many impassable
On top of the dangerous winds and rains, the roads are extremely dangerous. You’ll either hydroplane on the pools of water flooding most every roadway, or you’ll hit branches and trees blocking the streets. Several roads are impassable. The Department of Public Works crews have been fixing these problems as they’re reported, but every road made possible is followed by the report of another impassable road. Stay off the roads, please.
Call 911 for emergencies
If you have an emergency, call 911. Guam Fire Department’s ambulances are all working. Our brave EMTs are responding to 911 calls. We ask residents to call 911 ONLY if you have a medical emergency.
Seek emergency shelter now
Call your mayor’s office if you need to get to an emergency shelter. How do you know if you need to seek emergency shelter? If you don’t trust that your home will withstand strong winds and rains, or if your home normally floods in heavy rains, then you should seek shelter. Mayors’ offices will get you to the shelters safely. Please DO NOT WAIT for the closest point of approach thinking your home will be safe afterward. Conditions will be harsher after this time. Please do not take a risk with your life or the lives of your family staying with you.
Power updates
Power is off here and there throughout the island for short periods of time. GPA has been fixing outages since last night. The crews go from one outage area to the next finding the cause of the outage, fixing it, then moving on to the next one to fix. We’ll provide rolling updates on outages and expected repairs on the Governor’s Facebook page. Please report any power outages, power fluctuations, downed or damaged lines to 475-1472/3/4. Please also share this information with the JIC so we may share with all Guamanians.
Water and sewage
There are no reports of problems with drinking water from our tap. There is a report of one water outage in the Santa Ana area of Dededo. Crews are responding now. There also are some sewage backup issues in small pockets. Crews are responding. Please report any water or sewage issues to 646-4211. You can also call Tammy Jo Anderson Taft at 478-0208.
Flights cancelled
As of 10:30 a.m., all flights to and from Guam are cancelled.
Pay attention to the radio & other media
Please continue paying attention to the radio for the latest information on the storm. You can also find information on the Governor’s Facebook page.
Please call the Joint Information Center at 478-0208 for more information.

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