Guam Public Safety Officers Continue to Protect Families
JIC Release No. 11
Recovery Update: July 30, 2014
NOTE: Tropical Storm Halong has passed Guam.  The Joint Information Center, by order of the Governor, is now releasing information on recovery efforts.  This is the first in the series of these releases.
With the end of the storm response, and the start of the recovery process, Governor Calvo would like to assure the people that emergency response went off without a hitch and will continue to run efficiently and quickly to keep our families safe.
“Thank you to the brave men and women who risked their own safety for the safety of others during the storm.  I went out and saw them working hard, in hazardous conditions.  I commend all first responders and everyone who worked last night and today in the name of true public service.  You placed others in front of yourselves.  I cannot be prouder to be a part of this GovGuam family,” Governor Calvo said.
With Governor Calvo’s direction, the Government of Guam increased its emergency operations capabilities to ensure all emergencies were dealt with quickly and effectively during the storm.  As the island returns to normal, Governor Calvo would like to assure residents that emergency response continues to be of high importance.
While you are assessing your house and belongings, rest assured that the Guam Police Department (GPD), Guam Fire Department (GFD), and Emergency Management Systems (EMS) are continuing to work diligently throughout the storm’s aftermath.
GPD is out in full force and has been throughout the course of the storm.  This meant that officers were fully capable to respond to all calls.  During the storm, and for a portion of the recovery process, GPD increased its police presence compared to normal operations.  Regular shifts were canceled, and replaced with 12-hour shifts.  This means more police officers are out on the streets, protecting our families and responding quickly to calls to police stations and 911.
Between 8:00pm yesterday and now, police responded to approximately sixty-six 911 calls.  A large percentage of those calls were due to vehicle collisions without injuries.  These accidents were a reason we stress the importance of staying off the roads during these heavy weather conditions.
Additionally, a majority of the ambulatory calls for GFD were for non-emergencies between 8:00pm yesterday and now.  GFD had enough ambulances to respond to all calls, and firefighters remain prepared to help people with medical emergencies.
Currently, GPD, GFD, EMT’s and ambulances are still fully prepared to respond to any incidents, so do not hesitate to call 911.
Guam Memorial Hospital is also back to business as usual.  No problems with the emergency room happened during the storm.  Only one storm-related injury was treated at GMH, and it was a simple slip and fall.  The patient was treated and released in short order.
We would also like to remind that fuel supply is fine.
Recovery operations are underway to return Guam to normal.  This includes clearing debris, restoring power services, and re-opening businesses.  Stay tuned for information from the JIC on more recovery activities.

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