Count on Guam’s medical pros for your urgent care, medicine, more
JIC Release No. 13
Recovery Update: July 31, 2014
Governor Calvo reached out to the medical community and social service organizations to make sure you or your loved one gets the urgent care needed.  He is grateful to the medical community for their unmatched preparedness for an emergency. Some clinics never even closed! Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical practitioners on Guam demonstrated one strong message: you can count on them for care. We provide the following updates on the urgent care you may need.
The Guam Memorial Hospital – which stayed open throughout the storm without incident – will reinstate normal visiting hours at 10 a .m. tomorrow.  Outpatient elective surgeries will also resume its normal schedule tomorrow.  As of the declaration of COR 4, normal working hours have resumed for all other GMHA services.
Private clinics will be opened for business tomorrow.  Dr. Tom Shieh, Guam Medical Association President says, “Now as our island enters the stage of storm recovery, our doctors, nurses and allied health care providers will resume clinics tomorrow. Please call your respective doctor’s offices and dialysis centers to reschedule your appointments.”
Pharmacies will also be opened tomorrow for patients to pick up their needed prescriptions.  Guam Pharmacists Association Board of Directors Member Millie Gabriel says patients can pick up their medicines from any of their favorite pharmacies.
The Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center maintained essential services throughout the storm.  Patients were kept safe and comfortable without any incidents.  GBHWC will be open for regular services again on Thursday from 8am-5pm. Please call 647-5440 for appointments and 647-5352 for the Medication Clinic.
Acting Director Peter Alexis Ada says, “We thank all our patients, families, staff and the public for their cooperation and understanding. Please stay safe as the storm clears.”
The Department of Public Health and Social Services and its contractor delivered hot meals to senior citizens who would have gone hungry today without the meal delivery. They delivered these meals when the storm was closest to Guam and the winds and rains were destructive. Now that is love and dedication for our man’amko.  This service will continue tomorrow, along with other operations at the Division of Senior Citizens at the Department of Public Health and Social Services.
Mayors Council of Guam Executive Director Angel Sablan adds that senior center operations will resume as normal tomorrow.
The following dialysis centers will be open for regular patient care services Thursday at their normal hours of operations: Guam Renal Care, Guam Dialysis Center, Renal Center of Guam, Tumon Kidney Center.
All dialysis patients are urged to call their centers for their appointments and continue their treatment plans with their providers.

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