November 18, 2011
(Adelup, Guam) Under-privileged students who dream of professional careers will now have an opportunity to go to college thanks to the efforts of Senator Chris Dueñas.
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo signed three bills into law yesterday. Substitute Bill Number 192-31, now Public Law 31-128, also known as the “Growing Guam’s Work Force Scholarship Program” and Substitute Bill Number 198-31, now Public Law 31-129, also known as “Every Child Is Entitled To A Higher Education Scholarship Program,” establishes  scholarship programs for economically-disadvantaged students and provides funding sources for the program.
Governor Calvo said, “These bills help address the strategic plan of action set forth by our administration.  These look toward the long term growth of our island with confidence and ensure all of our youth have the education they need to compete in the future economy of Guam.  All our children deserve the right to participate in secondary education.  Senator Dueñas’ laws give under-privileged students a chance at having good jobs through a college education.”
Senator Dueñas has made education and equal opportunity a focus of his work as a freshman law maker.  Senator Dueñas said, “I believe all of Guam’s children deserve the chance to go to college.  I want to make sure that economically disadvantaged children have the same opportunities for a college degree that every other child has.  It’s important to let Guam’s children feel confident about the future and their ability to receive a college education.”
Substitute Bill Number 273-31 also was signed into Public Law 31-130.  This deletes a portion of a 1966 Highway Master Plan Easement from lot no. 121-6.  Dueñas said, “The family whose property was affected by this easement is going to build homes as soon as they are able to divide the lots. The master plan was easement prevented them from building their dream home for over three years.”
Please call Troy Torres at 475-9304 or 486-8887 for more information.

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