Calvo Signs Twenty-four Bills, Including First for Sen. Yamashita
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo signed twenty-four bills into law yesterday, which includes measures that promote transparency in the government, give scholarships to Chamorro language students at the University of Guam, and create the Guam Solid Waste Authority as an autonomous public corporation. Among the bills include the first public laws enacted from freshman Senator Aline Yamashita.
“These are good bills, with good intentions, from good people,” Governor Calvo said. “As a former lawmaker, I am committed to working with the Legislature to create responsible and effective legislation that help Guam’s families.”
The bills Governor Calvo signed into law are:

  • Bill No. 8-31, now Public Law No. 31-15
    • Authored by Senator Judi Guthertz
    • Authorizes in-house maintenance and cafeteria workers at DOE
  • Bill No. 12-31, now Public Law No. 31-16
    • Authored by Senator Judi Guthertz
    • Amends the definition of “immediate family” in public procurement
  • Bill No. 18-31, now Public Law No. 31-17
    • Authored by Senator Tom Ada
    • Establishes the Guam Building Code Council
  • Bill No. 24-31, now Public Law No. 31-18
    • Authored by Senator Tina Muna Barnes
    • Restricts people who were convicted of felonies of crimes of moral turpitude from receiving a Guam Economic Development Authority loan
  • Bill No. 32-31, now Public Law No. 31-19
    • Authored by Senator Aline Yamashita
    • Relative to the duties of the Guam Education Board
  • Bill No. 35-31, now Public Law No. 31-20
    • Authored by Senator Tom Ada
    • Establishes the Guam Solid Waste Authority, an autonomous public corporation
  • Bill No. 42-31, now Public Law No. 31-21
    • Authored by Speaker Judith Won Pat
    • Repeals the law excluding the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent of Education from the Governor’s cabinet
  • Bill No. 45-31, now Public Law No. 31-22
    • Authored by Senator Adolpho Palacios
    • Authorizes the Guam Police Department to occupy office space in Tiyan, until a permanent headquarters and administrative office facility is constructed, no later than September 30, 2013
  • Bill No. 53-31, now Public Law No. 31-23
    • Authored by Senator Adolpho Palacios
    • Authorizes for the expungement of crime records following an executive pardon of a crime
  • Bill No. 56-31. now Public Law No. 31-24
    • Authored by Senator Dennis Rodriguez
    • Allows policymakers to participate in the Government of Guam healthcare insurance negotiating team
  • Bill No. 57-31, now Public Law No. 31-25
    • Authored by Senator Tina Muna Barnes
    • Gives the Mayors permanent oversight over the Liberation Day festivities
  • Bill No. 59-31, now Public Law No. 31-26
    • Authored by Senator Tony Ada
    • Requires all government of Guam agencies to comply with the staffing pattern disclosure mandates, inclusive of the Fourth Quarter of Fiscal Year 2010
  • Bill No. 61-31, now Public Law No. 31-27
    • Authored by Senator Tom Ada
    • Grants Division of Motor Vehicles officials with authority to issue citations and expand the scope of the authority and intrastate movements of Commercial Motor Vehicles and codifies E.O. 87-27, which authorizes conducting inspections of CMVs at owner’s premises
  • Bill No. 63-31, now Public Law No. 31-28
    • Authored by Senator Adolpho Palacios
    • Excludes law enforcement personnel, employees and positions from the application of the provision of “Safe Harbor” under the government of Guam’s drug-free workplace program
  • Bill No. 64-31, now Public Law No. 31-29
    • Authored by Senator Aline Yamashita
    • Authorizes DOE to enter into a public-private partnership for the management of the maintenance, operation and repair of GDOE facilities
  • Bill No. 67-31, now Public Law No. 31-30
    • Senator Tony Ada
    • Creates penalties for moving violations involving large vehicles
  • Bill 73-31, now now Public Law No. 31-31
    • Authored by Senator Ben Pangelinan
    • Appropriates funds to the Guam Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA) created from enforcement activities
  • Bill No. 74-31, now Public Law No. 31-32
    • Authored by Speaker Judith Won Pat
    • Requires boards and commissions to submit a quarterly attendance report to the Governor and Lt. Governor, and requires the report to be posted on its website
  • Bill No. 75-31, now Public Law No. 31-33
    • Authored by Senator Adolpho Palacios
    • Provides the Guam Community Police Review Commission with administrative and clerical support
  • Bill No. 76-31, now Public Law No. 31-34
    • Authored by Senator Tony Ada
    • Relative to Mechanics’ Liens
  • Bill No. 79-31, now Public Law No. 31-35
    • Authored by Senator Tom Ada
    • Prohibits the privatization, sale or lease of the Jose D. Leon Guerrero Commercial Port
  • Bill No. 83-31, now Public Law No. 31-36
    • Authored by Senator Rory Respicio
    • Provides expanded transparency and public access to the finances of the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority
  • Bill No. 98-31, now Public Law No. 31-37
    • Authored by Speaker Judith Won Pat
    • Allows for the awarding of the Dr. Antonio C. Yamashita Teacher Corps Scholarship to Chamorro language and culture students at the University of Guam
  • Bill No. 100-31, now Public Law No. 31-38
    • Authored by Senator Tom Ada
    • Encompasses internet safety in public education curricula

Governor Calvo also vetoed Bill No. 80-31, from Senator Ben Pangelinan.
“While it appears to be well intended I find that a certain section of Bill 80-31 (COR) triggers the unintended consequence of a conflict of interest for the Office of Public Accountability (OPA), a defect which may not be overlooked and which regrettably compels this legislation to effectuate its own demise,” Governor Calvo wrote in his veto message. “I have no alternative but to veto the bill in its entirety and recommend we work collaboratively to achieve our mutual desire to improve transparency and accountability in government programs.”
Bill 80 Veto Message

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