Leaders Tour Fena, Pay Respect at Massacre Site
Governor, Senators, Military Partners Find Common Ground

April 1, 2011

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo, as promised, led the march on Fena, facilitating a visit of the site and its Navy facilities this afternoon. Real Admiral Paul Bushong took Guam leaders on a tour of the Navy’s water facilities.

The local delegation included Governor Calvo and his senior staff; Senators Tom Ada, Judi Guthertz, and Rory Respicio; Consolidated Commission on Utilities Vice Chairman Eloy Hara; and subject matter experts.

It was important to take a meaningful march here. I think we all learned a lot,” Governor Calvo said. “The best decisions are made when you have all the information available, and when you collaborate with all stakeholders. I want to thank all of our military partners, and our other leaders for making this tour possible.”


Navy officials showed the delegation Fena’s reservoir and spillway. In the 1950’s, the Navy built a dam to capture the water from three rivers in the area. What remains today now supplies water to the Navy, Air Force, and civilian communities. In addition to all the infrastructure at Fena, the water and wastewater distribution system for the Navy spans the majority of the island: from Naval Magazine to Andersen Air Force Base.

During the tour, Admiral Bushong spoke to Governor Calvo about the transfer of assets in Fena outlined in the National Defense Authorization Act. He assured the Governor that the controversial measure regarding payment for Fena was not requested by the Navy on Guam. He did express however, concern over the Guam Waterworks Authority being in total compliance with federal regulations before any transfer occurs.
Admiral Bushong, and Guam’s other commanding officers have everyone’s best interests at heart. They are good men. They’re our allies,” Governor Calvo said. “I will continue to work with them, so we can show the federal establishment a united effort to return Fena to her rightful owners: the people of Guam.”
Massacre Site
Governor Calvo, senators, and military partners also visited the Fena massacre site, and paid their respects to the Chamorros who lost their lives during World War II.
This place is a part of our history. It’s sacred. Our family members suffered atrocities here,” Governor Calvo said. “This is about more than just water. It’s about getting back what is rightfully ours, and treating us with the respect we deserve.”

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo asks Rear Admiral Paul Bushong a question during a tour of the Navy’s water facilities at Fena Lake Friday afternoon. The Navy approved the visit at Governor Calvo’s request. During the tour, island leaders were given information about this history of the site, the current infrastructure, and paid their respects to the victims of the Fena massacre.

Governor Calvo discusses the Navy’s water treatment system with Rear Admiral Paul Bushong and Senator Tom Ada on Friday afternoon. The three leaders, along with Senators Judi Guthertz and Rory Respicio, and senior staff of the Calvo Tenorio administration toured the facilities at Fena to find out more information on the facilities. The visit came at the request of Governor Calvo, who is against any money being spent by Guam to return Fena lake, and its treatment facilities to the local government.

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