Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio Launches Islandwide Beautification Task Force
Blueprint Series Unveiled; Partnerships Sought
Press Update: February 11, 2011
More than a hundred members and leaders of the community attended the launch of the Islandwide Beautification Task Force yesterday evening. Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio unveiled three pilot programs which aim to combine the efforts of students, Government of Guam employees, business leaders and nongovernmental organizations.
“It starts with us. Each and everyone has something to contribute and we can start by taking ownership in our surroundings, beginning with our homes and work place,” Lieutenant Governor Tenorio said. Although efforts have already been in progress with the recent cleanup of the East HagÃ¥tña Wall, the Task Force aims to expand into the Blueprint series in the coming weeks. Lieutenant Governor Tenorio stressed the importance of establishing partnerships with heads of public and private organizations to make the Task Force a success.
“It is my hope that the Blueprint series will be the catalyst for change that will emulate from all of the different members of our community,” Tenorio said. The Blueprint series consist of: Blueprint for Service, Blueprint for Leadership and Blueprint for Partnership.
Blueprint for Service:
Seeks the participation of public, private, and military high school students from the Class of 2012. Participating schools will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining their campuses while also taking up the same care for a designated area within the community. A final component would require the students to utilize their creativity in producing a video presentation of their experiences as they progress with the program. Winners will be awarded with a fully-paid banquet and the ability to network with many sponsors.
Blueprint for Leadership:
Encourages all Government of Guam agency heads to employ innovative ways of revitalizing their workplaces. This program is designed for the Government of Guam to set the example of cleanliness throughout the island by making their agency buildings welcoming to the public.
Blueprint for Partnership:
Is for all nongovernment organizations. This program encourages all organizations or individuals to come up with resourceful or enterprising ways of revitalizing and maintaining a designated public area, while also creating a great opportunity to build partnerships.
“The Islandwide Beautification Task Force is an effort the Lieutenant Governor wants to take to a new level, one never seen before,” said Attorney Naoko Shimizu, wife of Lieutenant Governor Tenorio and his Task Force co-chairperson.
“It is important to promote not just Guam’s foliage, but also our culture, language, history, and all of us – the people of Guam,” Attorney Shimizu added.

Over a hundred people attended the launch of the Islandwide Beautification Task Force this evening. Led by Chairman and Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio, the Task Force aims to bring the community together in various efforts to beautify the island.

Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio, Chairman of the Islandwide Beautification Task Force stands before many community members and leaders, urging them to take part in preserving and promoting Guam’s beauty, culture, and heritage. This evening marked the launch of the Islandwide Beautification Task Force as Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio unveiled 3 pilot programs: Blueprint for Service, Blueprint for Leadership and Blueprint for Partnership.

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