Honolulu, Hawaii – This week, Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio met with Dr. Adam Robinson, Director of the VA Pacific Islands Health Care System (VAPIHCS) and his executive team in Hawaii to discuss plans to improve access to health care for Guam’s veterans. Robinson took the helm of the VA Pacific Islands Office during the pandemic and is a retired Navy Surgeon General. Guam’s veterans have long experienced a persistent delay in services for regular appointments and specialty care. Lt. Governor Tenorio briefed Dr. Robinson and his team on the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration’s plans to build a medical complex, including a veterans’ clinic. 

“Nearly every other U.S. jurisdiction has a state (territory) enabled veterans’ clinic that provides healthcare services to its veteran population. This approach will enable opportunities to deliver responsive and reliable healthcare services to our Guam veterans,” said Lt. Governor Tenorio. 

Lt. Governor Tenorio agreed to work with VA officials to designate and establish a long-term veterans’ care facility, which is among the healthcare services absent on Guam. The discussion on the long-term care facility will continue when Lt. Governor Tenorio receives a team of VA officials in the coming weeks. 

“Our veterans deserve first-class health care no matter where they choose to live,” said Lt. Governor Tenorio.  “I am pleased that Dr. Robinson, who is a retired Navy Surgeon General, and his executive team, expressed the desire and importance of working together to ensure our veterans get the best possible care available.  Governor Leon Guerrero’s plan to have a veterans’ clinic alongside the new public hospital was well received and is a significant step in the right direction.” 

“Our Administration has made many efforts to advocate for the improved quality of care for our veterans at all levels of the Department of Veterans Affairs. We are committed to continuing these conversations and partnerships to ensure that our veterans get the quality of life they deserve,” said Governor Lou Leon Guerrero.

Lt. Governor Tenorio invited Dr. Robinson to Guam in the next few months to continue the collaboration and engage Guam’s veterans and other stakeholders. This is the second in a series of engagements between Lt. Governor Tenorio and Robinson.


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