Washington, D.C – Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio met with Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Readiness, Congressman John Garamendi, to discuss modernizing the Port Authority of Guam’s infrastructure and responsibly maximizing local resources as part of robust national security improvements. 

“In support of Guam’s economic recovery and regional security, I requested funding to replace the Port’s aging gantry cranes, rehabilitate its wharves to ensure resiliency, and replace its aging facilities to make room for our prosperity,” said Lt. Governor Tenorio. “These investments will enhance local operations and ensure the Port does not become a choke point for deploying military assets and commodities.”

Lt. Gov. Tenorio addressed Guam’s geographic location as America’s tip of the spear and how the Port’s readiness is a critical element in the U.S. military’s readiness in the Indo-Pacific region and amidst the global tensions in Ukraine and Russia. Chairman Garamendi expressed support and said he understands Guam’s strategic location and importance to the military’s mission on Guam and in the region. 

“I anticipate a greater number of engagements between our local government and our federal partners in the coming months. There is a tremendous amount of coordination and dialogue that will be necessary to ensure that the needs of Guam’s people are addressed as we work to improve their quality of life,” added Lt. Governor Tenorio.

During the meeting, Lt. Governor stressed that Governor Lou Leon Guerrero’s top priority is constructing a medical campus on Guam and the need for Congress and the Biden Administration to increase the island’s medical capacity for the Micronesian region by providing funding and resources for the medical campus. 

The meeting with Chairman Garamendi was secured by former Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Governor Leon Guerrero’s Washington DC liaison. Lt. Governor Tenorio was joined by Port General Manager Rory Respicio, Port Chief Planner Joe Javellana, Port CIP Coordinator Clarence Lagutang, and Josephine Cepeda from the Lt. Governor’s Office. 


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