MCES: Regional Leaders Close Summit With Commitment to Action

March 15, 2012
The region’s leaders closed out the 17th Micronesian Chief Executives’ Summit this afternoon with the adoption of nine resolutions that set the framework for regional collaboration.
“We must participate in the activities and the decisions that are being made about this region. We must benefit most from the decisions being made,” Governor Calvo said.  “I’m excited about this new movement for a “One Micronesia” vision.  We all have challenges and we all have ideas.  There’s so much more we can accomplish by working together.”
During the closing ceremony, all of the Micronesian chief executives expressed their sincerest gratitude for the hospitality and inspirational summit.
“This has been a remarkable step forward for all of us as Micronesian leaders…We must continue to forge ahead for the common good of our islands,” said Saipan Governor Benigno Fitial. “We must always remember that, along with our duties, we carry the trust and confidence of the people we serve…  It is important to sustain the concept of regional collaboration. Throughout united efforts we can lead our islands into a newfound era of prosperity for all.”
The leaders will sign the 17th Micronesian Chief Executives’ Summit communiqué and resolutions this evening during a state dinner hosted by Governor Calvo and First Lady Christine M.S. Calvo at Governor House.
This afternoon’s presentations included the following:
MCES Presentation: Global Environmental Facility
Dr. Herb Sherley, Task Manager for Biodiversity Conservation of the United Nations Environmental Program, provided a brief presentation on a Global Environmental Facility. The facility would have agencies, such as the United Nations Environmental Program, engage with countries in various projects for the Micronesia Challenge.
The Micronesia Challenge is an initiative in the Western Pacific region to facilitate more effective conservation of marine and land resources throughout Micronesia. This project will attempt to find a permanent solution for an inter-generational problem and there is “potential for more projects and funding in the future…[this facility] promotes growth and solidarity — collaborative keys to success.”
MCES Presentation: A Clean Energy Future
As most of the world is seeing soaring fuel prices, the region is no exception. Guam Power Authority General Manager Joaquin Flores detailed plans to work toward providing renewable energy and alternative fuel sources for the region. “Our goal is to look at fuel diversification…energy conservation and use of alternative energy…Renewables make more sense than oil.”
Additionally, The presentation mentioned our increased dependence on imported fuel that does not contribute a whole lot to our local economy, but that of Singapore. For every one dollar we spend on fuel on Guam, 70-cents goes back to the fuel source.
Flores also touched on finding better technologies for efficient use of energy throughout Guam and the region. He also discussed the Guam Energy Task Force that has been established where members are able to discuss education, and legislative policy. “We need an energy policy…it focuses everybody’s energy to accomplish goals,” said Flores.
MCES Presentation: Global Island Partnership
Ms. Kate Brown facilitated a video message from the Honorable Ronald Jumeau, a permanent representative of the Republic of the Seychelles to the United Nations. As the island nations of Micronesia and throughout the Pacific are concerned about Global Climate Change, so is the Global Island Partnership, which works to promote the issues of island states throughout the world. Global Climate Change is an important issue, not just in the Pacific region, but throughout the entire world. “Together we can advance our issues,” said Honorable Ronald Jumeau. He commended the Micronesian chief executive’s for taking the time to work with one another and said the summit, “underlines the importance of islands’ working together.”
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