Measure Introduced to Correct CLTC Injustice, Allow Residents to Build

December 16, 2011
The Governor submitted legislation that allows hundreds of Chamorro Land Trust property holders to develop the land they are leasing.
When the CLTC Program was created, there was a rush to issue land leases.  To meet the demand, the CLTC permitted the use of certifications of survey (unofficial, unrecorded maps) prepared by land surveyors.  Because these certifications of survey were never approved by the Guam Land Use Commission or the Department of Land Management, lessees have been unable to apply for bank financing and, in many cases, unable to hook up utilities.
The Governor’s bill allows CLTC property holders to develop the land they are leasing by exempting the certifications of survey from GLUC approval.  In addition, the bill grants the exemption so that DLM can record the surveys.
This effort started with Sen. Ben Pangelinan’s Bill No. 241, which Governor Calvo vetoed because it did not require the certifications of survey to be reviewed by any government agency.  Although the governor agrees with Sen. Pangelinan’s intention, he feels that the certifications of survey still need some official review.  This version of the bill still requires DLM to review and approve the certifications of surveys.  This would require only a nominal application fee, but eliminates the lengthier and more expensive GLUC approval process.
Please call Natalie Quinata at 475-9213 or 488-6013.

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