“This administration made a promise to you three years ago that the days of using your tax refunds to operate the government were over. We said this is the people’s money – and it belongs only to you. We are committed to paying refunds as quick as possible. For those who filed early, this means mere days after going to the Department of Revenue and Taxation. I want to thank the 3,100 Guamanians for believing in our word, and the hardworking people in our fiscal agencies for once again, making history. ” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
GovGuam keeps promise to citizens                                                                                   
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo continues his promise to fund tax refunds. By Thursday, February 6, $10 million in refunds will be mailed out. Approximately $6 million of that figure will pay refunds for the current tax year. The remaining $4 million will pay tax refunds from the prior years that were recently cleared of errors and are now ready for payment.
So far, 3,100 tax refund claims for current tax year 2013 have been filed since the Department of Revenue and Taxation began accepting tax returns for tax year 2013. DRT Director John Camacho said this filing rate is unprecedented, and is a clear show of trust in Governor Calvo’s ability to pay refunds quickly.
Unclaimed checks & refunds pending correction­­­                                                           
Currently, there is approximately 312 unclaimed tax refund checks at the Treasurer of Guam. There are also 1,125 Status E and S refund checks filed in tax year 2012 that cannot be paid out due to errors in processing. If you have filed your tax in 2012 and have yet to receive it, the Governor encourages you to reconcile any tax errors with DRT.
Prior returns paid                                                                                                                   
In calendar year 2012, the Government of Guam paid a total of $137.6 million in tax refunds, and last calendar year 2013 paid $133.5 million in refunds. Both figures include payments of prior-year refunds that taxpayers filed late. DRT has seen an increase in refund filings over the past two years, when it became apparent that GovGuam finally will pay refunds on time. This assures the people of Guam that their government is working hard at serving their needs and reinforcing their trust and confidence in their government.

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